About Battery Electric Vehicles Clarity Electric

The emergency-shutdown system may activate when the vehicle isimpacted by some incident such as a crash or collision. When thissystem activates, the High Voltage system automatically shuts downand your vehicle no longer moves. To place the High Voltage systemback in operation, consult an authorized Honda Clarity Electric dealer.


This vehicle has high voltage circuits and parts. Failure to observethe following precautions can result in burns or electric shock.

  • Do not remove, disassemble, or replace the high voltage parts,cables (orange) or their connectors.

  • Never touch the High Voltage battery service plugs.

In an emergency or during maintenance or repair, the serviceplugs are removed to cut off the electric flow from the battery. Theseplugs are in contact with the battery and can cause severe electricshock if not handled properly.

Only a qualified technicianshould handle any electrical equipment. For inspection and repair,consult an authorized Honda Clarity Electric dealer.


High voltage parts and/or the cables (orange) connecting themmay be exposed as a result of a crash. Stay clear of these parts asyou may be electrocuted.

If High Voltage battery fluid leaks, be careful not to touch thefluid. It can harm your eyes and skin. If it comes in contact withyour eyes and skin; flush the affected area with clean water immediatelyfor a few minutes, and seek immediate medical attention.

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