Airbags Clarity Electric

You do not need to, and should not, perform any maintenance onor replace any airbag system components yourself. However, you shouldhave your vehicle inspected by a Clarity Electric in the followingsituations:

When the airbags have deployed

If an airbag has inflated, the control unit and other related partsmust be replaced. Similarly, once an automatic seat belt tensionerhas been activated, it must be replaced.

When the vehicle has been in a moderate-to-severe collision

Even if the airbags did not inflate, have your authorized HondaClarity Electric dealer inspect the following: the driver's seat positionsensor, weight sensors in the passenger's seat, front seat belt tensioners,and each seat belt that was worn during the crash.

Do not remove or modify a front seat without first consultinga dealer

This would likely disable the driver's seat position sensor orthe weight sensors in the passenger's seat. If it is necessary toremove or modify a front seat to accommodate a person with disabilities,contact a Honda Clarity Electric dealer or call Honda Automobile CustomerService at.

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