Condition Indicators Clarity Electric

These indicators may require you to perform an action.

Parking brake

The brake fluid is low, theparking brake is applied, or there is a problem with the brake system.

Seat belt reminder

Make sure seat belts arefastened for you and all passengers. The indicator blinks and beepssound continuously if you and/or your front passenger have not fastenedyour seat belts when you begin driving. If the indicator remains onafter seat belts are fastened, see your authorized Honda Clarity Electricdealer.

Low charge

Recharge as soon as possible. Accelerationcapability reduced to conserve power.

Low tire pressure

Stop in a safe place, checktire pressures, and inflate tire(s) if necessary. Have your tire repairedor replaced as soon as possible.

System message

When a condition or malfunctionindicator comes on, a message also appears on the driver informationinterface. Check the display for more information.


The vehicle is ready to drive.

Power System

There is a problem with the powersystem or plug-in charging system. Have your vehicle checked by anauthorized Honda Clarity Electric dealer immediately.

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