Pandora® Clarity Electric

Play and operate Pandora from your compatible phone through thevehicle's audio system. Visit or callto check phone compatibility. Standard data rates apply with yourphone service provider.

Connect your phone when the vehicle is stopped.

For iPhone:

  • Connect via Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (see "Pairing a Phone")or USB port (see "Basic Audio Operation").
  • A pop-up may appear on your phone requesting you to allow accessfor Pandora to be launched.
  • If you cannot operate Pandora through the audio system, it maybe streaming through Bluetooth Audio. Make sure Pandora isselected on the audio system.
  • If Pandora still does not operate, try rebooting the phone andreconnecting the cable if necessary.

For other compatible smartphones:

  • Connect via Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (see "Pairing a Phone").
  • If your phone is connected to Android Auto (see "Android Auto™"),Pandora is only available through the Android Auto interface. Visitthe Android Auto website to check compatibility.

Applicable laws may prohibit the operation of handheld electronicdevices while operating a vehicle.

Launch streaming audio on your phone only when it is safe todo so.

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