Alternator Performance Test

Alternator Performance Test


Alternator Performance Test

Special Tools Required

Honda GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station with AST Module (12 Volt) MTRGR811ASTH*

*: Available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program 888-424-6857- 1- PGM-FI system DTC check:

PGM-FI system DTC check

1- Connect the HDS to the DLC- 2- Check for PGM-FI system DTCs with the HDS- DTC Description

Confirmed DTC

Pending DTC


Are any DTCs indicated


Go to the indicated DTC s troubleshooting.


Go to step 2- 2- Alternator Test:

Alternator Test

1- Jump the SCS line with the HDS, and wait more than 1 minute- NOTE: This step must be done to protect the PCM from damage- SCS Short

2- Test the alternator with the Honda GR8 battery diagnostic station with AST module (12 Volt)- NOTE: For setup, customization, and other available features, refer to the GR8 user s manual- Is the result OK


Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time.


Replace the alternator or repair the alternator.

Troubleshooting Start
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