Proper Use of Seat Belts Accord

Follow these guidelines for proper use:

  • All occupants should sit upright, well back in the seat, and remain in the position for the duration of the trip. Slouching and leaning reduces the effectiveness of the belt and can increase the chance of serious injury in a crash.
  • Never place the shoulder part of a lap/shoulder seat belt under your arm or behind your back. This could cause very serious injuries in a crash.
  • Two people should never use the same seat belt. If they do, they could be very seriously injured in a crash.
  • Do not put any accessories on the seat belts. Devices intended to improve comfort or reposition the shoulder part of a seat belt can reduce the protective capability and increase the chance of serious injury in a crash.
  • No one should sit in a seat with an inoperative seat belt or one that does not appear to be working correctly. Using a seat belt that is not working properly may not protect the occupant in a crash. Have a dealer check the belt as soon as possible.


Not wearing a seat belt properly increases the chance of a serious injury or death in a crash, even though your vehicle has airbags.

Be sure you and your passengers always wear seat belts and wear them properly.

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