Selecting a Child Seat Accord

Most child seats are LATCH-compatible (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren). Some have a rigid-type connector, while others have a flexible-type connector. Both are equally easy to use. Some existing and previously owned child seats can only be installed using the seat belt. Whichever type you choose, follow the child seat manufacturer’s use and care instructions as well as the instructions in this guide. Proper installation is key to maximizing your child’s safety.

In seating positions and vehicles not equipped with LATCH, a LATCH compatible child seat can be installed using the seat belt and a top tether for added security. This is because all child seats are required to be designed so that they can be secured with a lap belt or the lap part of a lap/shoulder belt. In addition, the child seat manufacturer may advise that a seat belt be used to attach a LATCH-compatible seat once a child reaches a specified weight. Please read the child seat owner’s manual for proper installation instructions.

Important considerations when selecting a childseat

Make sure the child seat meets the following three requirements:

  • The childseat is the correct type and size for the child.
  • The childseat is the correct type for the seating position.
  • The child seat is compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213or Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

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