Installing a Child Seat with a Lap/Shoulder Seat Belt Accord

A childseat can be installed with a lap/shoulder belt in any rear seat or, if absolutely necessary, the front passenger seat.

  1. Place the childseat on thevehicleseat.

  2. Route the seat belt through the childseat according to theseat manufacturer’s instructions, and insert the latch plate into the buckle. Insert the latch plate fully until it clicks.
  3. Slowly pull the shoulder part of the belt all the way out until it stops. This activates the lockable retractor.

  4. Let the seat belt retract a fewinches and check that the retractor has switched modes by pulling on the webbing. It should not pull out again until it is reset by removing the latch plate from the buckle. If you are able to pull the shoulder belt out, the lockable retractor is not activated. Pull the seat belt all the way out, and repeat steps 3 – 4.
  5. Grab the shoulder part of the seat belt near the buckle, and pull up to remove any slack from the lap part of the belt. When doing this, place your weight on the childrestraint system and push it into the vehicle seat.

  6. Make sure the child restraint system is firmly secured by rocking it forward and back, and side to side;little movement should be felt.

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