Recommended Engine Oil Accord

  • Genuine Honda Motor Oil
  • Premium-grade0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification Seal on the container

This seal indicates the oil is energy conserving and that it meets the American Petroleum Institute’s latest requirements. UseGenuine Honda Motor Oil or another commercial engine oil of suitable viscosity for the ambient temperature.

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Adding Oil Accord
Unscrew and remove the engine oil fill cap. Add oil slowly. Reinstall the engine oil fill cap and tighten it securely. Wait for three minutes and recheck the engine oil dipstick. Notice Do...
Resetting the Engine Oil Life Accord
If you change or replace the vehicle’s engine oil yourself, you must reset the engine oil life. Set the power mode to ON. Press theHome button. Roll theleft selector wheel until thewrench...
Checking the Oil Accord
Open thehood. (See) Remove the dipstick (orange). Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth or paper towel. Insert the dipstick all the way back into its hole. Remove the dipstick again, and...