Auto High Beam Accord

The front sensor camera detects the light sources ahead of the vehicle such as the lights of a preceding or oncoming vehicle, or street lights. When you are driving at night, the system automatically switches the headlights between low beam and high beam depending on the situation.

For the system to work properly:

  • Do not place an object that reflects light on the dashboard.
  • Keep the windshield around the camera clean. When cleaning the windshield, be careful not to apply windshield cleanser to the camera lens.
  • Do not attach an object, sticker or film in the area around the camera.
  • Do not touch the camera lens.

If the camera receives a strong impact or requires repair, consult a dealer.

If you see the message“Some Driver Assist Systems Cannot Operate: Clean Front Windshield", park your vehicle in a safe place. Wipe away debris blocking the windshield, then start driving again. If the message remains even after driving for a while with the clean windshield, have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

If you see a message that the camera is too hot, use the climate control system to cool the interior. Defroster mode will direct airflow toward the camera.

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