Lubricants and Fluids CR-V...2706

Lubricants and Fluids


Lubricant or Fluid


Honda Motor Oil: 0W-20Look for the API certification seal on the oil container.Make sure it says "For Gasoline Engines."SAE Viscosity: See chart- CVT

Always use Honda HCF-2.NOTE: Using the wrong type of fluid will damage the transmission- Rear differential (with AWD)


Brake system (including VSA lines)

Honda DOT 3 Brake Fluid:Always use Honda DOT 3 Brake Fluid.Using a non-Honda brake fluid can cause corrosion and decrease the life of the system- Cooling system

Always use Honda Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2.NOTE: For prolonged cold temperatures below -22 °F (-30 °C), add Honda Extreme Cold Weather Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 (concentrate)-

For the details of the lubrication points and the type of lubricants to be applied, refer to the illustrated index and the various work procedures (such as Assembly/Reassembly, Replacement, Overhaul, Installation, etc.) contained in each section- Application

Lubricant or Fluid


Brake pedal yoke pin

Multipurpose grease


12 volt battery terminals


Fuel fill door


Hood hinges and hood latch


Tailgate hinges


Caliper pins, caliper pin boots, front caliper piston seals, front caliper piston boots

Service set grease


Front caliper piston

Honda DOT 3 brake fluid


Shift cable end

Molybdenum grease


Air conditioning compressor

1.5 L engine

Compressor Oil: RL85HM (P/N 38899-RLV-A01) for refrigerant HFO-1234yf (R-1234yf)

2.4 L engine

Compressor Oil: DENSO ND-OIL 14 (P/N 38899-50Z-G01) for refrigerant HFO-1234yf (R-1234yf)


Lubricate the following areas using the recommended lubricants and fluids-

In corrosive areas, more frequent lubrication is necessary-

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Lubricants and Fluids CR-V
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