Fuel Fill Pipe Removal and Installation CR-V

Fuel Fill Pipe Removal and Installation

1.Fuel Pressure - Relieve

2.Fuel Tank - Drain

3.Left Rear Inner Fender - Remove

4.Fuel Fill Pipe Bracket - Remove

5.Front Floor Undercover - Remove

6.Filler Neck Tube and Suction Tube - Disconnect

1- Remove the fuel filler neck cover (A)- 2- Remove the suction joint clip (B)- 3- Disconnect the fuel line quick-connect fitting (C)- 4- Disconnect the filler neck tube (D) from the fuel fill pipe. When you disconnect the tube, slide back the clamp, then twist the tube as you pull to avoid damaging it- 7.Fuel Fill Pipe - Remove

1- Remove the filler cap adapter (A)- 2- Remove the fuel fill pipe (B)-

3- Disconnect the quick-connect fittings (A), then remove the one way valve tube (B) if needed- 8.All Removed Parts - Install

1- Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.

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